Testimonials and
Success Stories

“John Dube, of Confidential Investigations, has proven to be very dependable and creative in securing
service of process in various lawsuits over the years.  I continue to use his services with confidence.”

Jason M. Kuchmay

We have been using the services Confidential Investigation provides since 12/2006. The results they
have provided have gone beyond our expectations. We highly recommend their services

Hello, I would like to share my success story with you. I found out at a young age that I was adopted.
As I got older I decided that I would like to find my mom, so I petitioned the court to open sealed
documents. Then I had to have someone find my mom. I looked in the yellow pages and found
Confidential Investigations and gave John a call. I told him my story about being adopted and how I
would like to find my mom. John and Julie then went to work for me looking for my mom. A few weeks
later I got a call from John and he said that he had good news for me. John told me that he found my
mom and that she lived in Kentucky. I was so overwhelmed with joy. The next step was to have the
court get a hold of my mom and find out if she wanted to meet with me. Later that day I got a call from
the court telling me that they had contacted my mom and asked her if she wanted to meet with me, of
course she said yes, and they gave me her phone number and address and even her birthday. I will
never forget that phone call talking to my mom for the first time. I found out that I had 2 brothers and 1
sister that lived in the area. My mom gave me their phone numbers and addresses and I called them
and asked if I could meet them. A few months later there was a family reunion and John and his wife
Julie were invited. I have kept in contact with all of my new family to this day. I talk to my mom on the
phone once a week. Thank you John and Julie for making one of my dreams come true.

Warren Hickman, North Webster, IN
Confidential Investigation
and Security
Fort Wayne, Indiana
(260) 459-1664